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School Board Roaster

Mr. Ali Kalo


School Owners’ Representative
(Boys School)

Mrs. Hanan Alkaed


School Owners’ Representative
(Girls School)

Mr. Ahmad Kalo


Deputy School Owners’
(Boys School)

Mr. Bandar Almokbel


Director General

Academic Administration

Dr. Aref Zaouk 


Learning Director

Dr. Moustapha Mneimneh 


Head of the International Program


Conditions of admission and registration

Students transferring from the National to the International Program must:

        1.  Pass the previous grade

        2. Provide a letter from the guardian requesting the transfer

        3. Pass the admission tests (English language, and Mathematics) with no less than 60%

        4. Provide teachers recommendations (Internal Students)

        5. Fill the consent form provided by the Ministry of Education

 Students transferring from Another School

Students transferring from another school must:

        1. Pass the previous grade

        2. Pass the admission tests (Arabic language, English language, and Mathematics) with no             less than 60%

        3. Sit for an interview with the Director of the Admissions and Registration Department and             the examining teachers

        4. Bring the student’s file from the previous school containing all the certificates and             documents:

                    • medical statement

                    • certificate of vaccination

                    • a copy of birth certificate

                    • a copy of the family record for Saudis

                    • a copy of a valid residence permit for non – Saudis

                    • a copy of student’s passport

                    • 3 pictures of the accepted student

        5. Pay the fees due after passing the acceptance tests

        6. Students from outside the Kingdom must observe the following conditions:

                    • Provide a certificate from the authorities (Cultural Attaché) in the country where                         the student completed his studies

                    • Obtain an acceptance from the school to complete the terms of equating the                         certificate in the related authorities (Department of Education)

                     This applies to all grades.

Acceptance Criteria

    The Admissions Committee shall decide whether to accept the student or not according to the following:

        1. seats availability (Maximum class size is 25 students)

        2. The student's result in the interview and the admission test

        3. The priority for acceptance is given to the children of the staff and school principals in             the event of availability of the place and the conditions in question

        4. Priority is given to students who have siblings in schools

        5. Compliance with the terms of the contract between the schools and the parent.

Admission Tests

    The tests are carried out by the new students according to the school regulations. The entry tests are scheduled after all the prerequisites have been applied and the application has been approved according to the annual plan. The results of all tests, including the exam papers, are submitted to the Department of Students Affairs.

Tuition Fees

The school fees are inclusive of:

• Textbooks

• Supplementary books

• Online access for textbooks

• Stationary

• One sports uniforms

Our tuition fees are not inclusive of lunches or school transport. The school operates a bus service on a fee-for-service basis. You can contact the Transport and Service Department for further details on bus services.

Re-Enrollments and Withdrawal

In compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education, at the end of each academic year, parents are asked to fill a survey to inform the school of their wish to re-enroll their children or withdraw them from the school. Parents who wish to re-enroll their children and secure the seat for the next academic year, they will be required to pay an advance payment. Parents who wish to withdraw their children will get a receipt to be presented to the Student Affairs to be able to get the student file.

Payment Schedule

The following school fees are for the International Program-Boys.

The fees are subject to change.

All fees are Saudi Riyal (SR).

GradesAdvance PaymentSemester 1Semester 2 Total
Grades 4, 5, and 612,00011,00015,00038,000
Grades 7, 8, and 912,00015,00017,00044,000
Grades 10, 11, and 1212,00019,00018,00049,000

In case of student withdrawal, the following fees apply. All fees are Saudi Riyal (SR).

GradesDuring the First Week
of the First Semester
During the Second Week
of the First Semester
During the Third Week
of the First Semester
After the end of the
First Week of the Second Semester
Grades 4, 5, and 6No Fees17,50023,00015,000
Grades 7, 8, and 9No Fees19,00026,00017,000
Grades 10, 11, and 12No Fees





Grading and assessment policy

When teachers systematically collect the right kinds of records and information and use it effectively, they can help their students understand content more deeply, think at higher levels, and become self-directed learners.


Curriculum review guide

When teachers systematically collect the right kinds of records and information and use it effectively,


Technology Policy

Technology is a powerful tool, if correctly used can enhance both the academic and working environments at Najd National Schools’ International Program. In addition, it has the power to unify the school community by connecting staff, students, parents and community members through its communication network.

 Student-Parent Handbook

Letter to Parents

Greetings from Najd National School’s administration, faculty and staff. The programs at NNS have been designed and implemented in order to equip our students with academic and life skills. We deeply hope that our students will master such skills to grow academically, socially, physically and emotionally. With the encouragement, help and guidance, we hope that our students will become successful and effective citizens in the community. Moreover, we hope that they will become leaders who enjoy high academic skills needed in the 21st century.
This handbook contains the procedures, regulations and practices applied in our school. We kindly urge you to follow the school regulations and practices, follow up your son’s assignments, attend meetings requested by the school and meet with the teachers to discuss your sons’ progress and nail down any problems that might arise in your sons’ learning journey.

 Student Support

The school takes good care of students’ and staff health. The school health service promotes healthy development and wellbeing, helping students reach their full potential. The school health service is free and confidential. Students learn better when they are healthy, safe and happy.
In addition to `the health services provided by the school, the well being of the students is promoted through the science classes in addition to the Health class in grade 10.

Available Services
There are two clinics with a specialist doctor and two registered nurses distributed among the school as follows:
• main clinic with a general doctor and registered nurse responsible for students from grade 9-12
• clinic with a nurse for students from grade 4-8.

The clinics deal well with the following cases: headaches, abdomen aches, backaches, bone aches, minor injuries, nose bleeding, scratches and bruises.
Both of the clinics supply first aid for critical cases such as fractures, tachycardia, fainting, high blood pressure and severe injuries. Such cases are then transformed to the specialized medical centers escorted by the school physician or the nurse.
These clinics provide the following services.
• A daily record for the sick students who visit the clinic
• Document names of students with chronic diseases and distribute them to all school coordinators.
• Provide health physical assessment to students when visiting the clinic.
• Identify health findings and manage accordingly.
• Administer general medications as prophylactic treatment.
• Give students a referral paper after visiting the clinic including the diagnosis, medication administered with time.
• Collaborate and follow up with parents concerning special cases at school.
• Transfer cases to hospital that are at high risk and need specialist after the approval of parents.
• Act as resource persons for all teachers and administration.
• Provide first aid sessions for secondary students in collaboration with Saudi Red Crescent.
• Apply alerts, posters, and notes on all clinics’ boards.
• Make brochures on special topics based on school assessment.
• participate in the scientific seminars organized by the school for the purpose of raising awareness among students

Available Equipment
Both clinics are equipped with:
1. Stretches
2. Beds
3. first aid medicines
4. vaccines
5. scale
6. sterilizers
7. a glucometer.
8. a sphygmomanometer.
9. electronic thermometers.
10. an oxygen cylinders.
11. a nebulizer (for severe asthma cases).

Our Contacts

Mr. Sohaib Albardan

Secondary Level
Ext. 1709

Mr. Khalid Raed

Intermediate Level
Ext. 1306

Mr. Khalid Daher

Elementary Level
Ext. 1202

Student Affairs

Mr. Ameen Abu Thaher

Tel.: 011 456 3288 - ext.: 1012

Mr. Hussam Khalid

Tel.: 011 456 3288 - ext.: 1409


Our Partners


11612 Riyadh
P.O. Box: 85822


Email: support@nns.edu.sa 
Phone: +11 456 3288                    
Fax: +11 4563932