English Department –  National Track- Boys’ Section

Elementary Stage

The English Department (Elementary Stage) at Najd National School aims to help students express themselves and communicate with one another orally and in writing. As a result, the syllabus designed and the teaching techniques adopted are student-centered, highly communicative, theme-based, and lifelike.

In addition, to foster oral fluency, nurture reading, and facilitate writing, students are engaged in various lesson starters, such as ‘’Show & Tell’’ and Book reviews whereby students give oral presentations and submit written projects.

Moreover, the English Department sought ‘’Information Technology’’ to render language sessions as close as possible to real life, address audio-visual senses, expose learners to stimulating situations, and consequently involve them in the teaching-learning process. The learning environment includes the basic types of media:text, video, sound, graphics, and animation. Such an interactive mode of learning enables students to engage with the content.

The English department now boasts an extensive E-Learning Center encompassing a massive digital and interactive library.

Apart from that, literature plays a significant role in teaching English in elementary grades(4-6). It provides students with enjoyable and engaging stories that will help them develop a desire for reading, acquire new vocabulary words, and practice using different sentence structures.

Intermediate Stage- Merged Program

Our goal at Najd Schools is to prepare well-rounded and global students who can deal with life requirements successfully and professionally. To achieve such a goal, the school has designed a special English syllabus that meets the school’s requirements as well as the student’s needs. The merged program includes both the Saudi National Curriculum and a highly developed literature course that can nurture students’ analytical skills and broaden their perspectives on social, emotional, and economic issues.

The program is designed in a way that enables students to practice speaking skills effectively and develop various writing strategies. Additionally, it enables learners to rapidly acquire the language skills necessary for success in secondary school, college, and career.

Secondary Stage

The English Department has adopted the Merged Program Standards and has integrated them into the fundamental curriculum. The merged program comprises the Saudi National Curriculum and the special English program offered by our school. The standards address three main levels:

  1. Students will enhance their abilities to perceive complex texts. Consequently, they will master the skills of drawing inferences and making connections between texts. By using language effectively, students will expand their knowledge of academic vocabulary.
  2. Students will write in a variety of modes in response to topics and subjects found in their reading texts, listening material, and research papers.
  3. Students will develop their speaking skills and communicate in formal and informal situations.

Our school has implemented a new policy that promotes a literature-based approach. We offered the new curriculum for tenth graders at the beginning of the scholastic year 2022-2023. This program enhances students’ knowledge of various works of literature in the world and helps them develop critical thinking skills. The literature curriculum is offered in the form of a pilot program. It is a way for our school and teachers to implement parts of the curriculum in real-time with real students. In other words, the curriculum will continue to be taught gradually in grades 11 and 12 in accordance with the school guidelines and students’ needs. It is significant to mention that this program has already been applied for students in the elementary and intermediate stages- grades 4 to 9

International Standardized Tests (SAT),(TOEFL) and (IELTS)

The scores of these international tests show the students’ strengths and readiness for college work.

Our school has always emphasized the importance of international standardized tests. Therefore, students are provided with necessary skills and practice tests in order to improve their performance in the following international standardized tests.

  1. SAT
  2. TOEFL
  3. IELTS

The school administration recognizes the fact that training sessions are needed to help the teachers learn and create new strategies. Therefore, the English Department teachers have attended a training program conducted by the IDP IELTS. The program is designed for TESOL teachers to further enhance their performance and effectiveness as an IELTS teacher.