English Department - Elementary Stage

The English Department (Elementary Stage) at Najd National School aims to help students express themselves, and communicate with one another orally and in writing. As a result, the syllabus designed and the teaching techniques adopted are student-centered, highly communicative, theme-based, and lifelike.

In addition, to foster oral fluency, nurture reading, and facilitate writing, students are engaged in various lesson starters, such as ‘’Show & Tell’’ and Book reviews whereby students give oral presentations and submit written projects.

Moreover, early on, the English Department sought ‘’Information Technology’’ to render language sessions as close as possible to real life, address audio-visual senses, expose learners to stimulating situations, and consequently involve them in the teaching-learning process. Equipped with multimedia:AVs, Animations, Power Point Presentations, and Interactive Boards, exposing students to English has never been so exciting, lifelike, authentic, and sense-fulfilling!

As a result of the faculty members’ energetic endeavors and endless attempts to upgrade the ‘’Teaching-Learning Process’’, the department now boasts an extensive E-Learning Center encompassing a massive digital and interactive library.

At the English Department (Elementary Stage), striving for excellence is a lifestyle

English Special Program - Intermediatand Secondary

Our goal at Najd Schools is to prepare well rounded and global students who can deal with life requirements successfully and professionally. To achieve such a goal, the school has designed a special English syllabus that meets the school’s needs as well as the society’s and the student’s needs. Our school runs a forum for discussing an educational weekly topic for grades 10 and 11. Moreover, due to the dire need for tasting and appreciating literature, the school has enriched the English program assigned for each grade with stories. So, four well selected stories from the classics accompany each grade in the intermediate stage syllabus ,two for each semester and two stories accompany grades 10 and 11 syllabus, one for each semester. Moreover, the secondary stage students are taught the TOEFL syllabus. Besides, the school operates a two-period-evening SAT program. Consequently, our graduates find no difficulty in joining or acquiring knowledge at any competitive university