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Guiding Statements Review Policy 


Vision Statement

We aspire to be pioneers in raising creative leaders and lifelong learners.

Mission Statement

Najd National Schools for Boys and Girls is an educational institution that cultivates all facets of a genuine personality via outstanding and balanced quality programs based on 21st century skills, and in accordance with our Islamic faith. We develop effective individuals who are equipped with technology skills, accept the other, and take part in building a bright future for the nation.

Definition of learning

“A lifelong change in a person's disposition or capability achieved through actively acquiring, developing, and constructing knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes; and supported by self-reflection to adjust prior and new understanding.”

Najd National Schools Wide Learning Outcomes:

Najd National School students will be prepared to become…..

1. Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers through:

● Asking questions to improve critical and creative thinking

● Interpreting and evaluating significant concepts within various contexts

● Reflecting on and synthesizing information to find practical solutions to emerging problems

● Using technology tools and resources for managing and communicating personal and professional information

2. Life-long learners by: 

● Demonstrating increased engagement in the process of learning.

● Acquiring new knowledge.

● Effectively working both individually and in teams toward goal attainment.

3. Effective Communicators by:

● Listening, reading, writing, speaking, and observing to gain understanding.

● Analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information.

● Using a variety of media to receive / express needs, knowledge, desires, and opinions.

● Developing the skills that enable them to build strong and effective social relationships with various individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures

4. Global Citizens by:

● Identifying community concerns

● Recognizing critical issues that challenge the world in which they live

● Becoming contributing members in society

● Protecting the environment, and advocating for peace and social justice

● Leaders and Decision Makers by:

● Creating their own opportunities and making critical life choices.

● Accepting responsibility for getting things done.

● Keeping everyone working toward agreed upon goals.

5. Collaborative Workers by:

● Having the aptitude to reach out to diverse others.

● Sharing knowledge and resources.

● Developing strong partnerships with team members to achieve higher goals.

Guiding Statements Review Guide

Najd National Schools for Boys updated its existing Mission and Vision to accommodate the goals of the International Program that was launched in 2013. In addition to the Definition of Learning completed in 2015, learning outcomes were added to the Guiding Statements. Only teachers and administrators were involved in writing the Guiding Statements.

As part of its growth journey, Najd National School for Boys will be periodically reviewing and adjusting the Guiding Statements to include the concerns of all stakeholders, learners, parents, and to shape a clear identity for the International Program as an independent school within the Najd National Schools’ community.

Establishing clear and practical guiding statements will create a shared language between the stakeholders; this shared language will guide the school’s curriculum, instruction practices, assessment, and policies.

This guide was developed to guide the review process of the Guiding Statements for Najd National Schools for Boys’ International Program. The Guiding Statements should reflect the school's main perspective, and a shared understanding of learning -including the intellectual, personal, social, physical - to shared with students. It also must reflect a commitment to promoting intercultural and global awareness in the learning community.

 The Guiding Statements should include:

1- The school’s core values

2- The school’s beliefs about learning

3- The 21st century social, academic, and learning expectations


A committee will be formed to perform the review and will consist of representatives of the teachers, administrators, learners, and guardians. This committee may seek the input of a broader audience using surveys or face-to-face meetings.

Any adjustment or update to the guiding statements should take into consideration the Islamic religion and Saudi traditions, and should also incorporate the 2030 vision adapted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The learning expectations and outcomes should inform our mission of preparing learners to be active members in their society, and readying them for their college and future career.

The task for reviewing and obtaining approval for the new document should be accomplished according to the action plan. A committee will be responsible for presenting a first draft of the guiding statement. This committee should review school data that identify areas in need of improvement. These data might include: demographic data, attendance data, and student achievement data, or any data deemed necessary for this process.

The learning expectations and outcomes should be measurable and clearly defined. Rubrics will be used to measure the level of success in incorporating the defined learning outcomes. The data collected from these rubrics will be used to inform any future review.

A Booklet for the Guiding Statements will be produced. The review process will be repeated every five years.

Workshops and discussion sessions will be held once a year to deliver the results to the stakeholders, so they could have a chance to understand and validate the Guiding Statements.

The Guiding Statements will include

1- Mission statement

2- Vision

3- The school’s core values

4- Definition of learning

5- Learning principles and 21st century learning outcomes

6- Expected teaching and assessment practices



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